About JGMS

Jeep®  Government and Military Sales (JGMS) is the official distributor of Jeep J8 4x4 vehicles to government, military and security customers worldwide.  We’re putting Jeep back into uniform!

JGMS is a Jankel Company, with offices in the U.S. and the U.K.  A family-owned business since 1955, Jankel specializes in innovative protection systems - including armored vehicles - that save lives. Jankel’s customers include the UN and Defense Ministries from many NATO member countries.


Working with Jankel and our colleagues at Jeep Engineering, JGMS creates high performance specialized vehicles on the rugged J8 platform that are modern, cost effective and backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty.  Our J8 vehicles include:

  • 3 and 5-door Light Utility Vehicles
  • Personnel / Cargo Carrier
  • 3 and 5-door Patrol Vehicles
  • Armored Vehicles

Because we understand that your needs are often unique, we can work with you to create new J8 products or modify existing products, quickly and cost-effectively.  And because we also appreciate that after sales support is critical to your safety and success, we work with Jeep distributors around the world to offer local Integrated Logistic Support services tailored to your needs. 


Our capabilities include local assembly of Jeep J8 kits for local employment and training.  So talk to us.  We’re not just prepared to listen.  We’re committed to finding solutions.